Darkroom Madness

Since buying my Leica M6 in 2007 I have avidly shot black & white film (and some color) in my travels around the world. My favorite subject matter is usually found in Natural History Museums; taxidermy animals. I don't know why I find them so fascinating. I like that they seem to have personalities. They can be graceful and/or comical. I love to study the beauty of nature up close. There is something morbid about the whole thing, morbid yet serene. 

I'd been wanting to do some life drawing when I came across classes held at a local Art School. They also offered open darkroom sessions, so I jumped on the chance to get back in a darkroom and print up some of my thousands of negatives. Even though it had been practically 20 years since I stepped foot in a darkroom I quickly remembered the ropes and have been churning out the prints while this limited opportunity exists. 

Some prints I'm working on

Some prints I'm working on

Solarized lion in the blue toner bath

I have a vision I am trying to manifest which marries photography and painting. I have been working with collage for a number of years but many of my photographs in the collage works were photocopies. I'm going to start experimenting with making works with actual photographic prints. I'd also like to scan some prints and blow them up to larger sizes using modern printing techniques.

Watch this space