Coffee & Bagels at Ora Gallery

Saturday & Sunday March 19 & 20th 11:30am - 3:30pm

If you haven't had the chance to check out my show at Ora Gallery NYC you should definitely stop by this weekend. The weather is supposed to be great and we'll be serving fresh coffee and bagels to those who'd like to come down and check out the space. 

My show at Ora Gallery has started...

Yesterday I hung my work in Ora Gallery on 7th Ave in New York City... a big dream come true for a little kiwi girl like me! There will be an opening reception next Wednesday evening. I was especially excited to get my photographic collages back from the framers, what a treat. My friend Sylvain, my retoucher and long time collaborator very kindly made me up another invite. And today I have uploaded works for sale for my overseas collectors. One large piece has already sold and I'm fielding offers from all over the place for other pieces. 


Exploring New Zealand as a theme

I was born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand. I am very proud to be a kiwi. I really do think it is one of the most beautiful places on earth and the kind of life you have growing up surrounded by nature and smiling, helpful, self aware people put me in good stead for my future adventures around the world. But when I left the country aged 25 I felt I needed to bounce myself off a city that had no limits. I didn't want everyone knowing my gossip, my short comings, my failures when I had them. As a country of 4 million people (3,2 million when I left in 2001) we are relatively small and there's a good side to that, and a bad one. The good side is that you can rise to the top in your given profession relatively quickly and easily. I had already accomplished a significant amount as a photographer and musician before the age of 25. But the down side is that there is only a limited amount of people in your given domain, and you can easily find your advancement being blocked by one or two people who you don't gel with. In Paris, London or New York there's just too many people for that to happen. The possibilities are endless and that excites the hell out of me. 

During my 15 years in Paris I spent a considerable amount of them fulfilling the stereotype of 'starving artist' in a tiny apartment. It was at this time that I started painting scenes of New Zealand landscapes which I hung on the walls and they served as windows to something hopeful and beautiful. I also painted a number of portraits of Maori people I found in vintage photographs as a way to acknowledge my New Zealandness.

It is interesting to me that within the first month of landing in New York, I have found validation as a New Zealand artist through Ora Gallery and its creator Giarna TeKanawa. Next month (March 2016) I will have my first solo show of paintings and photographic works here at Ora Gallery. And the following month I will be showing my photographs in a group show I helped to curate in the same gallery. In honor of my New Zealand heritage I painted a giant portrait of a Maori Elder as depicted by the painter Charles Fredrik Goldie in the last 1800's. It feels like coming home.



My first solo show at Ora Gallery in NYC March 2016

I'm busy finishing large paintings and collages for my first one man show in Manhattan in March at Ora Gallery, a space dedicated to showcasing New Zealand artists.

I will be working in the gallery during the month of March so feel free to pop in to say hi between Wednesday and Sunday 11am-7pm. 

There will be a 'vernissage' (opening reception) March 9th between 5-8pm.

Hope to see you there!


Jute Magazine webtorial

What a great way to start 2016 with my fashion story published as a featured webtorial on Jute Magazines website.

I made all the collage artwork myself and will soon have a selection of it available for purchase on my website.

I have so many ideas for marrying painting, collage and photography. I hope to find open minded magazines and clients who will let me experiment and play in this direction


Darkroom Madness

Since buying my Leica M6 in 2007 I have avidly shot black & white film (and some color) in my travels around the world. My favorite subject matter is usually found in Natural History Museums; taxidermy animals. I don't know why I find them so fascinating. I like that they seem to have personalities. They can be graceful and/or comical. I love to study the beauty of nature up close. There is something morbid about the whole thing, morbid yet serene. 

I'd been wanting to do some life drawing when I came across classes held at a local Art School. They also offered open darkroom sessions, so I jumped on the chance to get back in a darkroom and print up some of my thousands of negatives. Even though it had been practically 20 years since I stepped foot in a darkroom I quickly remembered the ropes and have been churning out the prints while this limited opportunity exists. 

Some prints I'm working on

Some prints I'm working on

Solarized lion in the blue toner bath

I have a vision I am trying to manifest which marries photography and painting. I have been working with collage for a number of years but many of my photographs in the collage works were photocopies. I'm going to start experimenting with making works with actual photographic prints. I'd also like to scan some prints and blow them up to larger sizes using modern printing techniques.

Watch this space